This is an issue that many London massage agencies and independent masseuses revisit often, but it is worthwhile in order to put your mind at ease. Some people still believe that they are going to feel awkward and that their masseuse isn’t going to be as friendly as they’d like…

It’s a perfectly understandable concern of course. It’s not as though you’re just going to buy a new pair of shoes or a suit is it? It wouldn’t matter if the sales assistant looked as though their cat had been run over that morning if you were just buying shoes! But if you’re going along to see one of our lovely masseuses to get what you hope will be the best tantric massage London can offer, you don’t want someone scowling at you when you turn up. We realise that if you’re relatively new to tantric massages, you’re going to be more than a little nervous anyway, so you’re going to need a friendly face. I’m here to tell you that you can count on me every time!

The Chase family

What we love most about everyone at Chase is that we’re all genuinely like one big, happy family. We are mostly friends as well as work colleagues, we hang out together and some of us have even shared apartments etc. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier bunch, to be honest. We can also say in all confidence that all of the masseuses giving our increasingly famous London massage services, are all doing it because they love doing it. It’s more like an enjoyable hobby in many respects; one they get paid to do!

This friendly synergy we have at Chase really does come across in any reviews you find online about our girls and their services too. We are very proud to say that we have found only very positive reviews for all of London massage girls at Kings Cross, and we sincerely believe that there will only ever be good reviews in the future. This is because we are an agency run my masseuses, for the most discerning massage fans in London; there simply isn’t room for an unfriendly face!

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