I’m not the type of man who makes a habit out of writing reviews for anything. Not a meal in a restaurant, a holiday, or even a transaction on eBay for goodness sake. To those who know me, this may seem odd because I’m actually a professional writer. The reason I’m telling you this is in order to highlight just how much my massage experience impressed me. I’ll also be perfectly honest with you and tell you that tantric massage isn’t really “my thing,” so to speak. It’s not something I make a habit of or hanker for at all, but after the experience I had with Chloe, I have a feeling it’s something that may very well become habitual!

It was a friend who convinced me to try it out. I’d been working incredibly hard, and I rarely ever take any time to myself for pleasure of any kind. I’m a single man, with no-one to tell me where I can go, what I can do, or with whom, so in my friend’s opinion it was well past time I started to live a little. You know… get some much needed rest and relaxation!

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived at a discreet little flat around Spitalfields, on a gorgeous sunny day. I remember thinking to myself that I was a fool not to be sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying some coffee, watching the world go by; but what was waiting for me quickly banished this thought from my mind. Being a natural seeker of new experience, for professional reasons mostly, I was as intellectually intrigued to try out this service as I was desperate for a massage. I really suffer with my back you see, which is more than likely due to so many years hunched over a desk writing!

Chloe and the experience

It’s a rare occurrence when a writer stumbles across a person he can’t at least find a handful of words to describe, but Chloe is one of those rare occurrences. She’s half American, half Greek-Cypriot I believe. I do hope I’ve got this right, I’m not sure whether she’ll read it or not. I’ll get to her appearance in a moment, but it’s her accent that prompted the memory of an American. But before you say anything else, she’s not one of those American girls with those dreadfully high pitched whiny toned voices like you hear on some of those awful TV shows like “Two Broke Girls,” her accent is subtle and as sexy as hell, I have to say.

She didn’t answer the door to me dressed like the pictures on the website, which I kind of liked. I’d hate to think the poor girl sat around in her underwear waiting for me to arrive. No, she was dressed in a pair of jeans and a top if I remember correctly; she looked beautiful and very natural. The reason my memory fails me ever so slightly there is because what she was wearing, or indeed her physique was the furthest thing from my mind. The first thing I recall about my initial meeting with Chloe was her smile.

Such a wide, generous, and wholly genuine smile. Not the type of smile you get from a shop assistant, who is required to smile when she hands you your change! No, not one of those “have a nice day,” smiles at all! This one was a genuine smile, brought alive with her eyes. It’s sounds a bit cliché, but they really did sparkle when she smiled. I’ve never seen anyone able to do that if they weren’t genuinely happy. Even those classically trained actors from RADA couldn’t reproduce a smile like this, so I’m pretty sure that Chloe was happy to see me. But you see, this is whole “selling point” for Chloe (if indeed there must be one). She’s a really happy person. She’s chatty, witty, and highly entertaining to be around. Any man that gets to date this woman is a very lucky man indeed; he’ll get the whole package… Dare I say, the perfect woman?

Getting back to her physique (because I’m certain many of you will want to hear about that). Her body was insanely hot. And when I say insanely hot, I really mean it in the literal sense. I was laying there on a comfortable bed with a beautiful young woman ready to massage my entire body in order to make me feel good. And when I think about it now as I write this, there is no better way to describe that match up as quite literally “insane”. If I were to approach a woman of this calibre in a bar, I’d more than likely strike out and have no chance at all; yet there I was!

I don’t want to get crude or anything, but I’m also acutely aware that this is a review, and one I have been inspired to write in order to show my appreciation to Chloe, and indeed the agency through which she was booked. So, with this in mind, I have to point out a couple of things that blew my mind when it comes to her appearance. I don’t know a lot about tantric massage to tell the truth, but the one I had was a body to body experience, and this of course is conducted naked. And given that it was a naked massage, I got a pretty damn good look at Chloe’s body. I mean this with the utmost respect to this lovely young woman you understand, and I am pretty sure that she would appreciate my comments; after all, who doesn’t like hearing just how hot they are?

When Chloe returned to the room where I had made myself comfortable, she looked very different indeed. She had on a tiny pair of black knickers and a small, slightly loose fitting camisole top (I think that’s what you call them, it’s been a while!) She told me that she too had made herself comfortable and smiled at me with that lovely grin of hers again. Now this is the part I want to tell you about. When she walked to the side of the bed to gather whatever it was she was gathering, I caught a glimpse of her ass, and I have to tell you that it was stunning. Small, tight and firm, and in absolute defiance of gravity! To be perfectly honest I would have happily paid to gaze at that all morning!

The rest of her body was revealed to me as I laid there looking at her. This was when she had positioned herself ready to begin my massage. She took off her top, revealing breasts that were quite literally perfectly formed. This is no word of a lie here, if I say “quite literally,” I really mean it; I choose my words very carefully! I could go on for pages talking about this sight, but I want to keep this reasonably tame really. It would be very easy to descend to a baser level believe me. And this is all before she’d taken off her knickers, which… well, what can I say about this that would do her any justice at all? This was a beautiful, naked young woman sitting there before me, totally confident in her nudity (and damn straight she should be too).

My tantric massage experience

Again I find myself at a loss for words. All the adjectives I think of to describe the experience as a whole, fall rather unsatisfyingly redundant at the starting gate, so I simply won’t bother trying to encapsulate it in its entirety. If I was forced to choose only one word, I think the one I would use would be “ineffable” to tell the truth!

I confess that I had totally forgotten what the touch a woman felt like. It was an incredibly pleasant surprise to find that such a youthful young creature could awaken these feelings in me again; only more intense than ever before. I want to avoid the clichés about my skin rising to the touch of her hand etc. but it’s pretty hard to tell the truth. Those kind of clichés exist simply because they’re real. Her massage skills are wonderful. I’ve had massages from girlfriends before, many, many years ago, but I don’t remember them being anywhere near as good as this. She began so gently, with only her fingertips on my legs.  This was so relaxing, yet the anticipation of what was to come was exciting, and this made for the perfect combination. The remainder of the massage is for my own personal memory I’m afraid to say, and I’ve already said, I don’t think I could put it into words without debasing it in some way or other. Suffice it to say that Chloe went on to use the rest of her body, sliding it against my own, in ways I never thought possible; and in a way that’s probably as close to spiritual as I’ll ever get! Although I don’t know about other masseuses, I have to point out here that Chloe did maintain a very relaxed and enjoyable mood throughout the massage. She looked at me often, she smiled and made sure I was feeling good. I especially liked it when she slid all the way up my body and had her face next to mine so that I could feel her breath close to my skin… WOW, that was intense. She even said that I looked hot at one point and asked if I “get that a lot,” at which point I have to confess that I thought she may also have been massaging my ego, but who was I to complain? And, no, I don’t get that at lot!

I’d like to point out here, and I really hope my prose has reflected it, that tantric massage is in no way a seedy or dirty thing to do. It’s nothing that anyone should be ashamed of. To me, those who perform these services and those who book these services, are members of a very liberated and exclusive club that have managed to free their minds and realise that experience is there for the taking. I can tell you this much, a tantric massage given by someone as dedicated to the art as Chloe, and someone who enjoys it as much as Chloe, really is a truly wonderful thing.

Closing thoughts

I loved the experience, plain and simple. And now I don’t know what to do. I want that memory to stay there, and I don’t want another experience to shadow it. It’s one of only a very few that I’ll treasure and be able to recall at will, at any time. I fear that if I delve further into the world of tantric massage in London, I may well get too used to it and become desensitised to a certain extent; and to be perfectly honest with you, I sincerely doubt that the experience I had with Chloe could be bettered.

If you’ve never had a tantric massage, I really do have to tell you that once you get past your initial anxieties, there really is nothing to it. And even though Chloe did tell me that I “did really well,” you really don’t have to do anything at all; you simply lay there and let your masseuse take absolute control of the situation. I sincerely hope that you get as lucky as I did when it comes to your masseuse, and I do of course, highly recommend booking Chloe!