We’re not talking about our girls by the way, we’re talking about dating. Here at Chase London Massage you’re probably going to get some of the best dating advice you could possibly get, from some of the most experienced daters in London! They’re not simply tantric massage professionals you see; they’ll turn you into a god on the dating scene…

Not least because you’ll be well relaxed when you’ve had your tantric massage of course! We aren’t going to tell you what to wear and what to say and all that sort of thing, we are confident in the fact that if you’re being yourself she’ll be adequately impressed. However, here’s a short list of lesser known, generic dating tips that will go a long way to helping you secure that second and third date. Chasing the girls is indeed a lot easier than you think when you adhere to these simple rules.

  • Don’t stress when she’s late

    All the masseuses at Chase have confessed to doing this, so don’t worry. Girls are allowed to be late guys, don’t ask why, they just are. And you’ll actually find that it is indeed “a thing” that they’re advised to do when they read blogs similar to the one you’re reading now; they call it “fashionably late.” Seeing you all stressed and anxious when she does finally turn up, isn’t going to be an attractive quality you’ll want to share. So don’t get getting yourself in a twist about it, and don’t leave! We would say, give them at least 45 minutes to turn up. If they don’t turn up after that, you’ve been stood up. Suck it in and get over it!

  • Don’t try to get her drunk

    It’s important that we point out here that we don’t mean you would do this for anything untoward. That’s not what we mean at all. All our tantric massage girls know their clients are perfect gentlemen! What we’re saying is that if she’s taken any advice at all before her date, she will no doubt have made a pact not to drink too much, so you offering her drink after drink is likely to be seen as pushy or worse. We know that you’ll just want to do it to appear kind and to help her with any nerves she may have, but be wary of this one boys!

  • Keep the date short

    This is vital. On a first date you need to make an impression, and it only needs to be enough to keep her interested in finding out more. You’ll be surprised at how much respect you’ll earn from keeping things short and sweet. Don’t tell her everything she needs to know about you straight away, ask her more about herself. Trust us when we tell you that she’ll want to learn more. Also, if you’ve made yourself interesting enough, she’ll be anticipating your next meeting. Understand here that women get a lot more out of the anticipation than men!

Only three you ask? Yes, only three, but that’s more than enough to be going on with, and more than enough to remember for a first date! Now, back to fundamentals. You might want to book yourself a London tantric massage the day before the big date, it will be sure to relax you and have you feeling full of confidence!

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