They’re arguably among the most comfortable chairs you could buy in the world, and they vibrate you all over, so what’s not to like? Nothing of course, but just how good are they at massaging?

In terms of relaxation, and considering that it’s only a chair, we can’t argue with the fact that a massage chair does its job. However, when it comes to offering a suitable massage, we have to frown upon it we’re afraid. No amount of vibrating is going to get into those tight spots on your body. Nor is it likely to alleviate any of those troublesome areas you may have from old injuries you may have sustained.

You might fall asleep though

Apparently they’re pretty good at relaxing you enough to send you to sleep though. We read a really rather funny story on Japan Today about a man who was trying out one of these massage chairs in a store in Tokyo. He literally fell asleep whilst sitting in the chair, but the funny part is that the store closed and left him there. That must have been one hell of a relaxing chair! That’s one thing that would never happen when you get a London tantric massage from Chase you understand? You’ll be far too busy enjoying the experience!

Nothing beats a genuine tantric massage

Here at Chase, we aren’t entirely sold on the idea of massage chairs, as you’ve probably noticed. Regardless of the fact that they could get you locked in electrical stores, they simply can’t match the feel of a human being rubbing their hands over your body, seeking out all the tough spots, and the soft spots. Or in the case of our London tantric massage service, you can even experience the feel of one of our masseuses laying her entire body against yours and rubbing it all over you. Now that’s nothing like a massage chair is it?
You should perhaps try one of our tantric massages out, you know, just so you know for sure!