So you’re all crunching yourselves to death right? Are you all doing those damn sit ups every day and sweating like pigs? And you’ve still got a belly and love handles? Listen to our London tantric massage experts tell you a little more about your body…

We know a little more about your body than you do clearly if you think that all those exercises are going to get rid of your excess lumps and bumps. You can do as many sit ups as you like, you’re never going to have a six pack unless you lose the fat covering them!

To begin with, we have to tell you this. A little extra fat here and there on a man’s body is really sexy actually. As London tantric massage professionals, we see a lot of male flesh, as you’re more than aware, and we know what we’re talking about. A six pack is nice of course, but a natural man with a good sense of humour and a kind attitude is a lot sexier; regardless of what he looks like!

So let’s look at the very basics of losing that extra fat.

Basics for fat loss

  • Eat less than you burn. It’s very simple mathematics when you think about it. If you burn more calories than you consume, you’re going to lose weight. However, you do need to pay a little attention to what you do eat. Eating pizza and drinking beer every day isn’t going to be productive, even if you do burn off more calories than you take in!
  • Protein is your friend. Eat protein for weight loss. It’s the most vital part of anyone’s diet if they’re serious about losing fat. To begin with, protein takes more energy, over a longer period to burn off, thus you are using more calories to metabolise. It also stimulates your metabolism because it lasts longer and it keeps you feeling full for longer. And finally, if you are training alongside, it will help build and repair muscles and prevent your body burning muscle instead of fat.
  • Strength training. If you’re going to work out, then you really need to be doing some heavy strength training because it burns a surprising number of calories whilst building the muscle you want to show. Too much cardio can make you burn muscle if you don’t take in enough calories. Even our London tantric massage girls do a little strength training now and then. How else do you think they can get those kinds of results?
  • Sleep. Sleep allows the body to rest and rebuild. Not only is it essential for building muscle, it’s also essential for fat loss. If you don’t get enough sleep your body will store fat.
    As we like to say most of the time. Don’t go on crash diets or get yourself over anxious about losing weight etc. You should only do this if it genuinely makes you feel better about yourself, or you need to do it to significantly improve your health.

And also remember that you need to be less stressed. And the key to this is London tantric massage of course!