Might not seem to be the most logical solution for lower back pain, simply because we specialise in sensual massages that are designed for a lot more. However, you would be surprised at just how many other benefits your tantric session can have.

So, let’s put the London sensual massage thing behind us for a moment and concentrate on just how we can help your lower back pain. Our bodies are used to standing, walking and sitting in unconventional positions for extended periods of time, every day. This isn’t normal for most of us, yet we accept it because it’s part of modern day life. Office workers suffer arguably the most. At least if you have a manual job, you may ache at the end of the day, but you will be flexing and stretching your muscles through, and this is actually very good for you.

You see, being tantric massage experts has lent us a certain amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to the human body, and we really do know what we’re talking about. When you’re an office worker, you are far more likely to have lower back pain, simply because you don’t use your core muscles enough. What happens is they begin to stiffen up because they’re not flexible.

How tantric massage can help

A massage is a massage, whether it’s a tantric massage or not. If you have our London tantric massage services often, you will be getting your lower back massaged regularly, and this will alleviate stiffness and help keep you mobile. We’ve had nothing but good reports from those clients we have that already suffer from lower back pain. They could go for a standard therapeutic massage of course, but then they won’t get the extra sensual services that you get from professionals such as those girls who work with us here at Chase Massage!

Looking after your back

If you are an office worker, or you otherwise suffer from a bad back, there are a number of things you can do to prevent it worsening.

  • Take regular breaks from your seated position
  • Do lots of stretching
  • Take some gentle exercise, such as swimming or cycling
  • Lay on your front with your hands at your side when you are in particularly bad pain

Obviously, we are not medical professionals, we’re tantric massage providers, so if you are at all overly concerned about the state of your lower back pain, we strongly urge you to see your local GP.

In the meantime, let our massage professionals relax you!