It’s getting colder and colder! You’ve had to buy a hat and scarf, you’ve put your thicker socks on, and all you can think about all day long is getting home to the warmth of your sofa and the TV right? Well, how about you break this monotonous and depressing routine with a Chase London massage?

Fight the cold!

We feel the same as you gents you know. It’s no picnic having to wait around for a man to book a sensual massage! If you’ve been to see us before, or if you’ve called us out to your hotel room, you’ll know just how warmed up we can get when we’re in the middle of a tantric massage. So you can probably understand why we’re so keen on getting you to come along and help us keep warm. Call it a little mutual heat support if you like! Except you’ll have to pay us of course! We do have a specific set of skills that are well worth the money.

The science behind keeping warm

You must have heard so many people over the years tell you to “walk up and down” or “jog on the spot” etc. Then you must know that this is because it gets your blood circulating around your body, thus warming you up! Science you see! We’re not just pretty faces and fabulous bodies at Chase. So you’ll also understand that when one of our tantric massage angels starts to run her hands all over your body, it will also help circulate you blood and warm you up. It will also help you rebuild muscle tissue of course and help in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks, so there is that!

Not sold yet? Well, what about when the masseuses rub their own body on top of yours? Everyone knows how embracing another person naked is an excellent way of keeping warm, simply from the body heat. Now imagine that body covered in oil, nice and slippery!

Sold to the man with the smile on his face!