We were talking last week about keeping yourself warm this winter with a tantric massage from Chase. This week we’re going to continue the theme of keeping warm, but we’ve been out and about in the city lately looking for places with an open fire. Here are the best ones in our opinion.

There’s nothing like an open fire. Whether you like to snooze in front of it with your feet up, cuddle up with a lover, or simply just sit and warm your bones after being out in the cold, London have quite a lot. Obviously we can’t list them all here. And we have only listed the ones that our tantric massage babes have actually been to of course.

The Holly Bush

It’s not a massive open fire really, but there are two of them, so there’s plenty of heat to go around. In fact The Holly Bush isn’t really a massive pub either. It’s very quaint, described being “Dickensian” and it’s not surprising really. It was actually built in the late 18th century. The location is wonderful too, and you can take a walk by Hampstead Heath after a pint. Then perhaps head to one of our London incall tantric massage locations to get yourself properly relaxed!

Southampton Arms

ton Arms is a proper British pub. There are no frills here, but the place still seems to draw a great group of people. Most of them are older regulars, but they’re very welcoming to those passing through. They are especially welcoming to tantric masseuses that happen to call in for a drink in an effort to get out of central London for their afternoon off! You could really pick this place up and drop it in the middle of a village in Kent and no-one would be any the wiser. Another great place to stop for a pint in front of the fire.

The Chesham Arms in Hackney

We couldn’t fail to mention this place, simply because it’s one of our favourites. Open fires, great company in a classic east London boozer. The people may come and go when they discover how brilliant the place is, but there will always be those regulars hanging around who love to chat. It’s not too far away from our London City massage locations either you know!

So if you’re not staying warm beneath the beautiful body of one of our tantric massage angels this winter, get yourself a spot in front of the fire!