The time has come for everyone to go back to work and get on with the daily grind again. But if you book yourself a tantric massage or two in the New Year you can ease your way in gently. Well, that’s the idea anyway!

It’s at times like this this when most people are already looking to book their holidays for the summer and start counting down the days. You can hardly blame them of course, they’re still in holiday mode from Christmas. No-one wants to go back to work and it just feels weird when you get there right? Well, to be honest it’s not weird for us because we give sensual massages, but we do sympathise with you for real!

Get in shape

You know there’s no better way to feel better about yourself than getting into shape, even if it’s a little. In much the same way as having a sensual massage, looking after yourself a little is an enormous confidence booster and can prepare you for most things. You just need to make an effort. Not too much though, remember it’s only the start of the year and you’re still fragile!

Get yourself in shape steadily

There’s really no need to go out there and buy running shoes. Don’t do anything drastic for goodness sake, you’ll do yourself an injury! And then they’ll be even more reason for you to get a London tantric massage, but it might be more painful than you’d like. So take it easy. If you want to have a “New Year, new you,” kind of story, start with walking to work, or taking a stroll on your lunch hour. You know, instead of jumping in a cab to come and see us, duck out of work a little earlier and walk.

Drink more water, cut down on the booze, get some more sleep, there’s loads you could be doing without necessitating the purchase of Lycra shorts and a sweatband. You know not everyone looks good in that stuff right? So take it easy! If you start with the simple stuff and get yourself a few nice relaxing massages, you really will start to feel better about the beginning of the year and you’ll be ready to face anything.

Take the first step to a better 2017 with Chase Massage London!