Everyone is in a state over the snow in London at the moment, but to be honest, we’re not troubled by it at all. It’s hardly the Antarctic is it? But if you’re feeling the cold, come along and let the Chase girls warm you up…

You might be too cold to touch when you walk through the door for your London massage experience, but you can guarantee once you’ve had a shower and joined your masseuse, you’ll soon feel a lot warmer. Tantric massage will do that to a man! But then you knew this already right?

Our incall London massage locations

Every one of the Chase angels has excellent facilities. You’ll find piping hot showers, clean and fresh towels and a lovely, comfortable environment. We would never represent a masseuse who didn’t do their job properly. And doing their job properly extends a lot further than being good a tantric massages. This is important of course, but even the best massage isn’t going to be enjoyed if the location isn’t comfortable!

Outcall sensual massage

So, we’ve got the heating on, we’ve got a nice warm shower for you and our girls are going to rub you down so you’re nice and warm all over. Now, when we come to your hotel, we expect that you’ll have everything cosy there too right? We know that it will be warm because hotels generally are (the good ones anyway, and we don’t do horrible cheap ones!), but will you have clean fresh towels available for us in the same way we have them for you? It’s worth making sure your room is all clean and tidy and your bathroom is well stocked and clean and tidy too. Treat our sensual massage professionals in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed and they’ll treat you to an experience you’ll never forget!

Warm yourself up with a London sensual massage from Chase