We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There’s nothing wrong with booking an outcall London massage service. Yet some of you still worry unnecessarily about having one of us come to see you…

In this day and age, it’s as common as ordering a pizza to your room! So, there’s another way of trying to put your mind at ease. To be honest, we can’t think of many more ways to put it other than it’s completely normal. Have you ever had a massage in a spa hotel at all? Yes, you’ll probably go to the spa facilities, but sometimes you’ll have them come to your room, depending on your hotel. It’s no different. Well, alright it’s very different in the sense that the massage you get from us will be delightfully sensual!

We are normal you know

Just take a moment to look at the girls in the gallery. If you’ve already had a look you’ll know what we’re talking about. They’re all perfectly normal looking you know! It isn’t as if they come to your hotel with a t-shirt on advertising Chase Massage! They’re discreet and dress perfectly normally and conservatively. That’s not to say they won’t bring something nice with them to ensure that your outcall massage is as sensual as it can be of course!

So send out for a masseuse!

At the moment we don’t really do outcall bookings to private residences, unless of course we know you very well indeed. But this is something you’d have to discuss with us when you call. We’re very used to doing outcall hotel massages however. We bring all the gear we need with us, so you won’t have anything to do. Except perhaps have yourself a nice relaxing bath or shower before we arrive. There’s nothing nicer than laying our hands on a nice smelling, clean body!

Chase Massage are London’s leading outcall massage agency!