Perhaps you’ve had it already? For those of you who don’t know, cyber sex is what you engage in with another person online. Mutual masturbation etc. and exchanging sexy messages etc. Also webcam sex. These things can be insanely sexy if you get the right person, and there are places out there where you can get it. We’ve heard a few stories from our tantric babes and we thought we’d share a few of their tips with you.

What’s the appeal?

The appeal of cyber sex is pretty easy to comprehend when you think about it. For most people it’s the safety element. Even if you are engaging in webcam sex with someone, whether it’s a paysite, or just someone you met online, you’re not likely to get attacked, are you? And when you’re just exchanging messages it’s even safer isn’t it? Because you have some relative anonymity.

Possibly lead to more!

Our tantric babes tell us that many cyber sex encounters can lead to much more if you play your cards right. These digital playgrounds are very good for getting to know someone, even getting to see them (and see them very personally too!) So, if you have a sexy time with someone online, you can check out just what it might be like to be with them in person, touching their body and feeling a lot more!


There are websites out there that will help you out in this area: adultfriendfinder, getiton, etc. will all allow you to connect via webcam to your potential hook ups! You’d need to be careful about showing where you live etc. if you want to be extra safe of course. You don’t want to have cyber sex with a woman one night and find her waiting in your driveway the following morning with a crazy grin on her face and a photo of you in her hand, do you?

We’re kidding of course, it’s not like that at all. Personally we haven’t tried it out much. We’ve exchanged dirty messages etc. but our girls would perhaps be able to tell you more about it. But do, please try out those websites we mentioned and have a go at cyber sex with girls in your area. And remember that if you get overly frustrated, you can always call us up and book yourself a tantric massage from Chase and we’ll put you at ease!