tantric massageThe great thing about running a London tantric massage agency like Chase Massage is that you’re never actually desperate for girls to join the team. However, every once in a while someone comes along and impresses us so much that we simply have to let them on board…

When we say that we don’t get desperate for anyone to join the team, there is actually a good reason for this. It’s because the girls we have are so very good at what they do and they get plenty of work because of this. If we bombarded the website with hundreds of tantric massage professionals from all over London (and believe us when we tell you that we could), we wouldn’t necessarily be able to give the girls we already have the same amount of bookings. And this would be a terrible shame.

You see, as well as offering a great service to our customers, we like to make sure we’re doing the same for the girls who we represent. We’re a little classier than many of those other sensual massage agencies that you see advertised here, there and everywhere. Well, we’re a lot classier than those agencies!

What makes the perfect Chase masseuse?

It’s a number of things really, but it’s not the obvious. What would be the first quality you would think about? Sexy right? Well, yes of course! But, saying that, how often (if you’re a regular massage fan) have you had a London tantric massage from an absolutely stunning young woman, only to discover that she’s actually not that good at the massage side of things? Sounds unusual we know, but you’d be surprised at how often this happens. It’s no good having a gorgeous woman massaging you, if she’s not making a difference. After all, you’re going to spend some time on your front as well you know, and you can’t even look at her then!

There are two things that are imperative when choosing a Chase masseuse: personality and technique. Technique is obviously vital in order to succeed in maintaining the reputation we have come to enjoy. It’s important to only list masseuses who have a somewhat unique sensual massage technique. Something that they’ve made their own and based on the basic tenets of Tantra.

You may ask just why the personality is important. You wouldn’t ask this if you’d actually had a Chase Massage experience however. It’s at times like this we wish we could introduce you to some of our regular clients and let them tell you exactly why we consider it important. All our London tantric massage professionals are very friendly, they like to chat and make sure you feel good throughout your experience, but most importantly they all have a really good sense of humour. They understand that sometimes things can feel a little awkward during a booking and they’re well used to making light of any situation and making their clients feel as comfortable as possible

Natural charisma

They’re all incredibly charismatic too. Some would say that they’re actually addictive. Just how a masseuse can be addictive is for you to discover of course by making a booking. Having a very natural, charismatic way with people is incredibly important when our masseuses do outcall bookings too. They are so natural with people and can easily negotiate their way to your hotel room, attracting the minimum amount of attention.

Have you got what it takes for tantric massage?

So if you think you really do have what it takes to become part of our London tantric massage family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to meet you and if we don’t have a place for you straight away we will happily keep your details and get back to you should you wish.

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