London tantric massageWe just thought we’d clear up a few things that have been bothering some people and may be bothering others. There is absolutely nothing illegal about getting a London tantric massage! There, we could leave it at that, but that wouldn’t be very informative would it? So read on and lets find out just why it’s not illegal.

London tantric massage services

London tantric massage services are classified in much the same way as any other London service industry. Whether it’s a sports massage, a therapeutic massage given by those dreadful “osteopaths”, or even a tradition Chinese or Thai massage, it’s all the same. It’s just a massage service. The fact that a London tantric massage is highly sensual and prompts the release of sexual energies is nothing to do with it at al. After all, let’s get this straight right from the start. What if you’re the type of man who just enjoys any type of massage? What if a pretty woman is massaging your calf as part of a sports massage when you’ve been injured? If you become aroused, does that make it an illegal practice? Of course not!

But we have pretty masseuses

We won’t deny that part of our marketing for London tantric massage does indeed rely on the fact that this sort of sensual massage has a reputation that attracts men. Also we have pictures of very attractive women on the website that do the massages. They want to get booked to give the massage ok? These masseuses love giving London tantric massage services as much as you love receiving them, and they know that it’s a very sensual service, so they choose to display pictures like this on the website in order to prompt you to book them. This is no different than advertising Coca Cola by having a group of cool, good looking and popular kids drinking it!

Besides, you’re going to end up seeing our London tantric massage professionals naked anyway. It’s not as though this is a surprise, they’re going to be sliding their naked body against yours for goodness sake! But the whole nakedness thing isn’t the focus of the massage, there’s a lot more to a London tantric massage than naked women and sexual arousal.

A London tantric massage

Any massage that practices the tenets of Tantra is highly sensual yes, but it’s also very highly spiritual. There’s a certain something that can barely be put into words that happens during a massage of this type. Some would call it an out of body experience, some would call it sublime, we’re not quite sure what to call it, but we know the effect it has on a client. It’s as though all the energies in their body come together and move towards the centre for a final, inevitable release that’s simply ineffable. There a few things in life like this to be experienced and this is one ancient art that doesn’t need any “tweaking” or changing, trust us!

What would make London tantric massage illegal?

The only way in which our sensual massage services would ever become illegal is if we had all of our masseuses locked away somewhere, forcing them to do what they do. But this would be the same in any job when you think about it. Hell, trust us when we tell you that these masseuses don’t need any encouragement from us to pursue their career. If they didn’t have us representing them, they’d still be doing it! So you see, there’s nothing at all to worry about when it comes to booking your London tantric massage service. It’s just that there are a number of people who are still very closed minded and don’t really understand the law or a individuals’ own personal choices and freedoms.

Go ahead and enjoy yourself!