Liverpool Street massageYou all know that we’re based predominantly in London City and we have a number of incall locations in the area. We love it in this part of London! So if you’re around, do have a browse around Spitalfields Market, take in the atmosphere at a couple of local boozers and taste the street food in this part of the city by all means. But do not leave this area of London without paying a visit to one of the most talented Liverpool Street massage professionals in the area. We’re talking about Georgina of course, our cheeky English masseuse from Essex, who has as much personality and charisma as she does talent!

Meet Georgina

Conveniently located close to Liverpool Street station, Aldgate and Aldgate East tube stations, you’ll find this Liverpool Street massage angel easily. She has a spacious, comfortable incall apartment in the area, with good facilities, clean towels, soft music and lovely massage oils. It’s like momentarily stepping out of the hustle and bustle of London, through some kind of tantric portal, into a different world where everything smells wonderful and feels even better!

A Liverpool Street massage by someone who cares

We’re sure most of you have had a “tantric” massage by someone who doesn’t really want to be there doing it. It’s an awful experience when it’s like this, since most people have already built up their expectations before they arrive. A tantric massage carries some weight and people really expect something to knock them off their feet, so when you have a poor experience it can really shatter your illusions. This is not the case with Georgina.

Georgina has mastered this art and made it her own. When you have your Liverpool Street massage with this amazing young woman you will feel her own love of what she does, deep in your inner being. We’re not kidding! Georgina has been known to make her clients tingle in their toes and finger tips, all four corners of their bodies, as their tantric massage builds to its inevitable sensual release. It truly is a spiritual thing and the only way to make something this ineffable feel real to anyone is to tell them to go and experience it first-hand.

Georgina’s quintessential “Englishness!”

Georgina has a marvellous way about her that puts all of her clients at ease. She is supremely confident when she introduces herself, she is confident with her body and thinks nothing of giving intensely satisfying body to body massages. It’s her confidence, expertise and experience that makes her so very good. She knows exactly what to do, and when you hear her sighs and feel her breath on your body when she’s massaging you, you will really begin to learn just how much passion she has for her art!

Always book the best!

There is very little wonder why this beautiful young British masseuse is so popular in this area of London. So book your Liverpool Street massage from one of the best in the city.

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