London City tantric massageWe suppose that this knowledge isn’t restricted to just London City tantric massage experts, but we can safely say that as women (and women who see a lot of men!), we do have more knowledge than you! When it comes to chatting us up that is!

Treat them well, have more luck

The old saying “treat them mean, keep them keen,” is frankly a load of rubbish! We live in 2017 gentlemen, we’re not into guys that treat us like dirt. We go wobbly at the knees for the shithead who stands us up or insults us etc. Well, most of us anyway! There are a few women left in the world who have very low self-esteem, so you could go find them, but we’re betting that it won’t last long.

Pay compliments

Don’t listen to anyone who says that this makes you seem desperate or coercive. It simply doesn’t. What a genuine compliment tells a girl is that you are interested in her and that she feels appreciated. Obviously our London City tantric massage babes hear compliments all the time, so they know a genuine one from a fake. But you will find that lots of girls know this difference too, so be careful!

Don’t play hard to get

If we’re interested in you and we give you our number, call us. Don’t do that stupid thing where you wait three days, or whatever, before calling. If the girl you’ve managed to chat up is even half as fit as one of our London City tantric massage angels, chance are if you don’t call her, someone else will. Great women don’t wait around, they know their worth and they’ll get it!

Your London City tantric massage is there in case

In case you don’t get lucky with the ladies, we’re always here to give you that special attention that you long for from a woman. Even if it’s for the briefest of moments you’re going to have that connection and you’re going to feel fulfilled. So whilst you continue looking for your ideal woman, you can always make your way through all the girls at Chase Massage!

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