tantric massage experienceKeeping fit is essential these days. We live in a busy world and London is arguably one of the most stressful places on the planet! The only possible way to survive in the city these days is to keep yourself fit in mind and body. Not only can a sensual massage help you in this area, if you keep your body fit, you’ll actually have a better tantric massage experience!

If you can keep the weight off a bit and keep your muscles reasonably toned, you’ll benefit a whole lot more from your tantric massage experience. Your masseuse will be able to work your body easier and she’ll be less likely to hurt you too when you think about it. Not that any of our girls at Chase Massage are overweight or anything. But if you’re not in shape yourself, even the slightest of girls sliding her naked body over yours could be uncomfortable at times. It’s important to note here also that if you do have any pain, anywhere on your body that you would prefer our masseuses avoid, please do let them know when you meet.

The best gyms in London City

Because we operate predominantly around this area of the city, we’re better equipped to tell you about the best places here to work out. This is because you’ll find most of our masseuses work out here too of course! Not that it’s likely you’ll see them of course, it’s a big area and these gyms are very busy. Besides, your tantric massage experience doesn’t grant you the right to become a stalker! Here’s our preferred list:

Book your tantric massage experience at Chase Massage

The easiest way to book one of the girls is to call us at your earliest convenience. We’re taking calls until around 23.00 when we book in our final massages for the night. The girls need to sleep too you know, and we’re sure that giving a tantric massage experience to a client in the early hours of the morning isn’t going to be as good. We are highly professional and we want you to have a good time!