outcall London massageIt’s all very well going on about what you expect all the time, but isn’t it fair to listen to what we expect too? Outcall London massage services are all over the place in the city of course, but you should already know by now that a Chase Massage experience is better than the vast majority out there. Not to mention that it’s a reasonable price too!

Outcall London massage checklist

Follow our simple guidelines and you’ll be sure to have the time of your life. There’s nothing like having a beautiful young woman come to your hotel room to give you a tantric massage. No effort at all on your part, just complete relaxation!

  1. Be available. There is nothing worse than turning up to a hotel for an outcall London massage booking and finding that the person who booked you has gone out, or is otherwise unavailable. Before you make the call to invite us over to relieve your stresses and strains, please make sure that you have taken care of all business or whatever else it is you have to do. You and your masseuse will enjoy your time much more if it’s all planned well.
  2. Be neat and tidy. We all like to leave a mess occasionally when we stay in a hotel, it’s one of the bonuses! However, when you have one of our outcall London massage professionals coming to call, please try and clear the floor and make the bed at least. It would be nice if you wiped around the toilet seat etc. too if possible!
  3. Be hygienic. An extention of rule number 2 really. Make sure you allow enough to time to take a shower before we arrive and be ready for us to get started. Or at the very least be prepared to shower when we arrive. We won’t be sliding naked over your body if you haven’t washed it properly!

There you go, only three golden rules. They’re not hard to follow, so don’t complain about it. Besides, when you’ve had a visit from our of the outcall London massage angels Chase can offer you, you’ll never think twice again about ensuring the three golden rules are followed!

Your location

Your location is actually quite important. You see, we are all located predominantly in London City and nearby. So if you want us to visit you in West London for example, we would like to have enough notice to get there. We also prefer to visit hotels as close to us as possible, if we can, but we’re not choosy. Our outcall London massage professionals don’t like to be rushed you know. We don’t do stress, we relieve it!

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