We’ve written pieces like this before. No-one wants to hang around on the street and wait or their massage, so we often give you a few places where you can kill time before your booking. Today we’re looking at Aldgate tantric massage.

Aldgate tantric massageDon’t walk the street!

Most of you book Aldgate tantric massage services because you’re working in the area, or it’s near the station where you head home etc. Makes perfect sense of course, but not all of you are aware of places you can go near your masseuse’s flat so that you don’t have to pace back and forth in the cold or the rain etc. Here are a few places you can go around Aldgate that might interest you.

Aldgate tantric massage recommendations

It’s not as out of the way as you’d think really, for those of you who aren’t often in London. Aldgate have some wonderful places to hang out.

  • Satyrio – 49 Aldgate High Street. An Italian restaurant and wine bar with some lovely seating outside for when the weather starts hotting up. It’s all pretty new there too, having not been opened for long. The food is good too, so we’d actually recommend lunch here if you’ve got an afternoon Aldgate tantric massage appointment.
  • Abbey Bar. With the weather getting warmer they’re actually having a 50% off cocktails at the moment here, so this is indeed one of the best places to go before your massage if you need a little “Dutch courage,” so to speak. Nice, friendly atmosphere here.
  • Apples and Pears Bar – 26 Osborn Street. It’s a little further out, but it’s well worth a little walk if you’re feeling fit. This is one of those urban chic type places, but it doesn’t appear to be too pretentious yet! We suppose that depends the clientele anyway really. The staff are as chic and trendy as the art work on the walls, the music is choice and the food is pretty good too. Definitely on our list!

Choose your masseuse

The next thing to do is to choose which of our Aldgate tantric massage professionals are going to see to your needs. Go along to the gallery and take a look. You’ll find most of them located very close to Aldgate, but not necessarily exactly there. Don’t worry though, they’re not far away!