You’ve all taken your clothes off and put them on in front of one of our London massage girls no doubt. And if you haven’t, it really is time that you did! So, you’ll appreciate that they know a little about fashion, but more importantly, they know what suits a man and what doesn’t. Here we have another of our signature blog posts, helping you to be the man you were meant to be.

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Our London massage professional’s advice

We are not going to go into an exhaustive list about what’s hot this season and what’s not. We’re not going to tell you which sunglasses to wear or what shoes to buy if you want to look your best on a night out. No, we’re going to tell you to stop allowing people to dictate to you what you wear. You never expected that we bet? Aren’t you tired of reading all those articles online about what you should wear in your 20s, 30s, 40s and so on? Well, our London massage girls don’t usually read the stuff that pertains to men of course, but after we decided to write this post, we spent a little time looking at those fashion tips online and we were amazed at how stupid they actually are.

Most of them are conflicting, and they’re all self-serving in the vast majority of cases. If it’s an article that’s telling you to wear a particular style of boots, you can bet your life that there’s a link to those boots and the website on which you’re reading the article will be getting paid a commission if you make a purchase. So, it’s not really sound advice.

Trust your instincts

We would certainly say look at the adverts, read the magazines etc. but don’t get sucked in by them. Trust your own instincts when it comes to your style. If you think you might look good in something, try it. Chance are, if you think it’s good on you, then it is. And for goodness sake, don’t pay attention to those people who say you’re too old or too young for a particular style. You may be an older gentleman that happens to have a job or hobby that involves younger people. If this is the case, you may well be drawn towards younger styles. The point is, if it feels right, it more than likely is.

It’s all about your confidence

It’s all about carrying it off. You can literally wear anything and look good if you already feel good and confident in what you’re doing. The vast majority of you aren’t going to wear something that draws too much attention to yourselves, so there really isn’t anything to worry about. There’s a great article on GQ at the moment about “… Dressing your age,” you should give it a read; it’ll have you thinking quite differently, as we hope this will.