It’s the season to get in shape and sort out your look. If you’re anything like some of the guys our London massage professionals, you like to make sure your hair looks sharp, right? Well, we happen to know a few things about this and we’re writing this article to give you a few tips about going to the barbers.

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Our London massage girls know a thing or two

Well, more specifically, we know a few people around the areas in which we work and among them are a number of very highly skilled and professional barbers. We’d like to offer our assistance in mediating, so to speak, your interactions with your barber. There is a specific etiquette that these professional like you to follow, but they’re always reluctant to make it clear to you. It’s not fair we know, if you don’t know the rules, how can you keep them in mind?

In much the same way as there’s a specific etiquette when going for a London massage, here’s how you should behave at your barber’s:

  • Don’t have messy hair. Just because you’re going for a haircut, it doesn’t mean you can turn up to the barber having not washed or combed if for days. That’s just bad manners gents. It’s like turning up to your London massage incall flat having not have a wash; you’re going to smell bad, even though you’re going to have a shower.
  • Sit still! For goodness sake don’t nod your head when you’re chatting. Use your hands to gesticulate if you have to!
  • Don’t pretend you know what’s best. You’re going to annoy your barber if you tell them what tools to use etc.
  • Be realistic! Don’t go in with a picture of Brad Pitt on your phone and tell them you want to look like that. They’ll do all they can to help you, but they’re not miracle performers. You should ideally trust your barber in much the same way as your London massage professional; they know what’s good for you!
  • Tip if it’s good, and don’t if it’s bad. Your barber will appreciate honesty. You should use the tip to show them how good a job they’ve done. If you don’t tip it’s likely to be a lesson to them to get it right next time!

So now you know how to behave, you’ll be the barber’s best friend. Think about it carefully here. If you behave yourself, your haircut is likely to be even better than you’d expect because you haven’t annoyed your barber!

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