It’s getting hot in London at last. Even hotter with a Spitalfields massage of course! But we’re here to talk to you today about our favourite bars in the area at the moment. The girls like to go out for a beer or a nice glass or two of Prosecco from time to time, so they have some very definite opinions about the bars in the area. Here’s a run-down of their favourites right now.

Spitalfields massage

  • The Water Poet. We like this place because it’s a curious mixture of traditional pub, but has an extra comfortable atmosphere, with the addition of sofas and other comforts. The food is pretty good too. However, the reason our Spitalfields massage girls choose this one, at this time, is because it has a nice beer garden that’s lovely midweek at lunchtime. It’s just quiet enough for a meeting, yet enough people around to blend in. A nice place to hang out.
  • 93 Feet East. Well, we had to include this because it’s one Spitalfields nicer clubs. The girls like it at the moment because the weather is hot and the people are all semi naked at night when they’re dancing away! A great place to hang out after your Spitalfields massage if you have one in the evening. Pumping music, from talented DJs.
  • Big Chill Bar. This is the place where we’re most comfortable to be honest. The music is chilled and pumping all at the same time, there are lovely quiet spaces, great comfortable sofas that encourage great gettogethers with friends and long nights drinking. If you’re staying around the area for any length of time, do check it out.

Whilst you wait for your Spitalfields massage

While the weather is pretty nice, those with beer gardens/terraces etc. are excellent places to wait around for your Spitalfields massage appointment. We know how you like to be on time, and sometimes this necessitates arriving early and hanging around.

Whether you’re having a beer before or after, we know your Spitalfields massage is going to be an experience not to be missed. Why don’t you go and look at our gallery of masseuses now?