We are not about to teach you how to do a tantric massage, that’s not what this is about. But if you take anything away from this and decide to apply it to your own tantric practices, then so be it. No, it’s just a general article we thought you might be interested in, about how our tantric massage professionals begin to master their own breathing.

The experience of tantric massage breathing

If you have ever had a tantric massage, by a true professional, you’ll already know how much it helps you, never mind them. When they slide up close to your ears and you can hear that breath exhaling in a sensual way, it’s a real turn on actually. But there is a little more to it of course.

tantric massage

An artform of its own

The breathing in tantra is almost an artform all on its own. When you feel that breath on your body, or hear it close to your ear, it reaffirms that a beautiful woman is close to your body and she wants to be there. It’s a feeling of being wanted, desired and appreciated, as your masseuse works your body in a calming, sensual and dedicated way.

Building the tantric massage with the breathing

Breathing is an essential part of the tantric massage build up. It helps to prolong the sensation and heighten your pleasure, along with the light touches and strokes in all the right places. For those seasoned among you, you may recall how your masseuse’s breathing gets more intense towards the end of your massage. It’s as though she too is building. But in actual fact, this is a part of a control mechanism too. Your masseuse awakens all of your senses to achieve the finale of your tantric massage. If you stop to think about it for a moment, you could arguably say that her own breathing does a huge part in the arrival of that oh so inevitable conclusion!