We’ve been conducting a little survey, and whilst we know that we can’t possibly ask everyone who has ever had a tantric massage, we can ask a great number (and not just our own clients either!) We have asked a lot of men who use these services around the Liverpool Street area and it’s pretty conclusive that Chase Massage is top of the heap!

Liverpool Street tantric massage

How do we know?

It may surprise some of you to hear, but many of our clients know a lot about the massage industry because they frequent the whole community etc. Some of them even take part in online reviewing of agencies and independent massage providers; so they know what they’re talking about. And whilst they may have a favourite Liverpool Street tantric massage provider, they are likely to have tried out a number of them.

The fact that we have so many guys coming back regularly is testament enough to say that we are at least one of the top providers in the area anyway, really isn’t it? But when we ask them, they actually confirm it.

What makes us the top Liverpool Street tantric massage provider?

It’s our attitude to the business that wins every time we believe. Right from the start when a guy calls the agency, they get to speak to an eloquent, sensitive and very knowledgeable woman about their requirements. This is someone who has first-hand experience in tantric massage and knows all the girls personally.

Then you get to the service providers themselves. All the girls are mostly British, they all speak wonderful English, they all have individual and very charming, witty personalities, and to top it all off, they’re all highly skilled. Most have had formal training in the art of sensual massage, and all of them love doing it for a living. We suspect they always will!