We know you northerners sometimes have a long journey from London, so we’re urging you to unwind before your journey with a Kings Cross tantric massage before your train leaves. If there’s any way to get over those Virgin Trains delays that always seem to be happening at Kings Cross, this is the way, right?

Kings Cross tantric massage

Kings Cross tantric massage is sure to relax

So, when you arrive at the station and find that there is yet another delay, it’s not going to even nearly bother you as much as it usually does. This is because your body and your mind will still be tingling from your experience at the hands of one of our professional sensual masseuses. Your Kings Cross tantric massage waits for you!

Short notice bookings

These are really quite possible around this area of London you know. We are more than used to getting calls from frustrated travellers, either heading out of London or just arriving, without much time to wait. Call us and you may be able to go straight along to your masseuse’s apartment. Even if you have to choose a girl who isn’t listed as a Kings Cross massage professional, all the other areas are not very far away to be honest. Take a look at our locations and you’ll see for yourself.

Who we have in Kings Cross

The masseuses we have listed in the Kings Cross area are as follows:

They’re all stunning of course, and they’re all very talented at what they do. However, they’re not all the same. We strongly advise that you click on their individual links here and find out more about each of them before you decide. Should you require any more information, simply call us on the phone and we’ll answer any questions you may have.