If you know any of the Chase Massage girls, then this won’t come as a surprise to you. They’re all very natural young women, with great personalities. They’re always looking for the next best thrill and they love to have fun. They basically behave like over excitable schoolgirls, who love to do naughty things! So it will come as no surprise to you to learn that hotels really do it for them.

outcall London massage

Book a long outcall London massage

This is just a suggestion of course. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do with your money, you’re the boss! It’s just that we do have some experience when it comes to outcalls and we know that they’re usually better the longer you book. And once you get over the fact that you’ve spent that money and you’re happy your masseuse has arrived, relax and take the booking slowly. Maybe invite her to share a drink with you. We told you that these girls aren’t your ordinary masseuses, they like to have some fun as well as give you the best outcall London massage you’re likely to experience.

Usually book incall?

If you do, why don’t you take your favourite incall masseuse and book her for an outcall London massage? Hotel rooms are cheap enough these days, and we bloody know you guys have got the cash! Believe us when we tell you, if you’re used to have a wonderful time with your favourite girl, you can count on it being taken to another level if you invite her to a hotel. Remember what we told you about them all being like excitable schoolgirls? Well, it’s true. Spoil them a little and they’ll love you a lot!

Always discreet

Despite them being very excited to come to your hotel, you won’t have them skipping through the lobby singing a song! They will be as discreet as humanly possible. They’ve never failed yet, so unless you’re staying in a hotel room that’s guarded by ninjas, you can expect a tap on the door not long after you call us. So go ahead and choose your favourite!