We’re not sure whether any of you have recently read the London Evening Standard website, but there’s some quite interesting news on there. It’s regarding Ping Wellness Centre in Earl’s Court. The council want to close it down when they reapply for their licence, for a variety of reasons. Whilst we don’t like to hear about any massage provider or “wellness” centre being closed down, we’re writing this article to let you guys know that your time at these places may not be as private as you think.

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Privacy problems

You may well get the best sensual massage in London at one of these places, but if you don’t feel private and secure, there’s little point is there? You see, with these licenced premises, the council are free to “inspect” anytime they like within reason. And the article over at London Evening Standard details just what the council found wrong.

“…The inspectors are also said to have heard a “slapping sound” from another treatment room that “grew louder and faster … with what sounded like a female giggle at the peak”…”

It goes on:

“Fiona Johnson said: “I knocked three times on the door of this VIP room [and] not hearing any sounds nor acknowledgment of my knocking from within the room, I opened the door. I was then confronted by the sight of a white male face down with his bare bottom fully exposed…”

Frankly, what goes on in a treatment room at one of these parlours is nothing to do with anyone else, in our opinion. But suffice to say, you gents don’t want to be in a place like this when there are council inspectors dropping in whenever they like. You certainly don’t want to be face down with your ass in the air as someone just walks into the room.

No inspections with our sensual massage service

The girls at Chase massage offer their services from their own private apartments, so they don’t need to be licenced. They are self-employed masseuses, and no-one is allowed to just enter their apartment without being invited. So you’ll never have this problem when you book a massage from one of these girls. This is the reason the best sensual massage providers do not work in parlours!

Outcall sensual massage

And when you book an outcall massage service, there certainly isn’t any reason why anyone should come into your hotel room to see what you’re up to. It’s none of anyone else’s business anyway. This kind of news article really gets on our nerves to be honest, we do wish people could be left alone to do what they want and offer whatever services they want. It’s not as though anyone is being harmed!