Ask yourself this question: When do you get chance to talk to an impartial woman about your dating life? Now, you might say that you have plenty of female friends, family and co-workers etc. but do you really want to discuss this with them? You’ve been on a date with a nice girl and you want to know if what you did will have impressed her. You want to know what you could have done better. You want to know if the reason she hasn’t called is because you made some sort of social faux par!

tantric massage

All these questions can be answered by your tantric massage therapist. No, you’re right, she’s not a counsellor for dating and she’s not that type of therapist. But she will enjoy talking to you if you want to. Sometimes there is time left at the end of your massage (if you know what we mean) and you may want to pass the time with some idle chit chat. Sometimes you may wish to “keep the wolves from the door,” so to speak, by chatting idly too. There are plenty of reasons you would want to chat with your masseuse, and she really doesn’t mind.

Experience tantric massage therapists have heard it all

The great thing about chatting to your masseuse is that all the barriers have already been broken down. You’re both naked for starters, so there really shouldn’t be any nervousness or inhibition to speak of! It’s not like talking to your barber when you feel compelled to make conversation either. With a tantric massage therapist you’re relaxed. In fact you’re so relaxed that you could probably divulge your PIN number if you’re not careful!

So go ahead and open up!

So you see, there really isn’t anything to be worried about. The girls are used to it and they may be able to help you. Just casually mention that you went on a date. They  will take the lead and perhaps even ask you a question or two. Then you can get the advice you’ve been after. And trust us, if you take the advice of a beautiful sensual massage babe like the girls we represent at Chase Massage, you’ll be able to date the most desired girls in London!

There is one thing we’ll add here at the end however. Don’t ask the masseuse out on a date please. She’s very unlikely to want to go on one with you, and we wouldn’t want you to get a dent in your confidence by being knocked back. She’s a professional and doesn’t want to mix her business with pleasure. We are certain that the girls meet plenty of men that they are physically and mentally attracted to, but they’re professionals; simple as that!