Now, we realise that your loyalties may be elsewhere and you may be “offended,” but we’re with this brilliant UK comedian. We may only be a tantric massage agency in London, but we do also have a sense of humour, as do all of the girls we represent thankfully. We are close to the girls and we know they’d agree with us on this issue.

What’s he been up to?

Walliams, in his wonderfulness has simply been having a laugh, as he always does. And Joe public have been “offended” by what he’s done. He dressed up as Kim Jong-un for Halloween and it sparked a barrage of complaints from people all over social networks. They complained he was being racist, when really, in the real world, we believe he was just having a laugh. And to be honest, if there was ever a dictator worthy of a Halloween costume, then Kim Jong-un has to be the one. If you can’t poke fun at a loony dictator, who can you poke fun at? Is everyone forgetting Matt Lucas as “Ting Tong” in the popular comedy show Little Britain? It’s comedy folks… Get over yourself!

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Tackling the real enemies

Isn’t it about time we went after the real racists out there, and not those who are so clearly just having fun? The hypersensitive nature of some people has gone on for too long. Everyone is offended by everything these days and it’s ridiculous. Here’s a list of some of the tweets David Walliams got in reply:

  • .. that David Walliams costume. I mean, even if HE didn’t think it’s racist how out of touch must he be not to know that others would?!
  • And this is why I’m never buying any of his books. David Walliams was and still is a racist
  • He literally made his face yellow. He is one step away from taping his eyelids back

Boycotting the sale of his children’s books too. Yes, people are actually calling for this to happen, can you believe it? Everyone at this tantric massage agency has agreed that we’d much rather have the children of the UK brought up reading David Walliams than being hyper offended by everything!

What do you guys think?