No, it’s not an odd subject at all! It’s something that most men want to know more about, yet they’re too nervous to ask about. And your ever faithful tantric massage experts are prepared to enlighten you a little if you read on.

Should you have sex at all?

The most common question a man asks is should he just not have sex at all when his partner is on her period. One thing you should probably know, when it comes to a woman’s period, apparently there isn’t actually that much blood (if that’s what grosses you out!). Most of it is uterine lining according to Jessica Shepherd MD. Whatever it is that you don’t like about it, it’s up to you and your partner of course, and a period doesn’t last forever right? Besides, sex is usually messy right?

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Can she get pregnant?

Yes she can. It’s very important to remember this. It’s a myth that she can’t get pregnant when she’s menstruating. It’s even more tricky if she doesn’t have regular periods. It may be unlikely because the reason she’s having the period in the first place is because the egg isn’t fertilised, so she’s shedding the lining. However, not all blood means that she actually is having her period!

Does she want sex?

Yes she does! Our tantric massage girls will agree with us. Just because she’s having her period it doesn’t mean she loses interest in sex. This is especially so if she has a regular partner with whom she feels comfortable of course. And here’s some news for you guys, that you may not have thought about. Women are actually hornier when they’re menstruating. It’s a hormone thing (yes, we know the dreaded word “hormones”).

There’s another thing you should know about it. And our tantric massage babes will clarify this too. Women can often have more intense orgasms when they’re on their period. They can be hyper sensitive down there!

Is it safe?

It’s as safe to have sex whilst your partner is menstruating, as it is to have sex when she isn’t. The only difference may be that she is at a greater risk of getting a yeast infection because her PH balance is off. Otherwise it’s just the same. And for anyone wondering if the risk of HIV is higher transmission, or any other STI for that matter, it’s not.

Oral sex?

Most men would cringe at the thought, but there are some who don’t mind the taste at all. In fact there are some men that find it an enormous turn on. You certainly won’t have any problems or catch anything, if that’s what you think. It’s perfectly safe.

Hope that’s answered some of your questions!

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