It’s one of those things that all of you take for granted! Your “old chap” in this instance is of course your penis! And we thought, consider that we are a tantric massage agency, that we would give you some tips to keep him healthy!

Penis health tips

Do you have a name for yours? Well, if you do, feel free to change the word penis in this article to your special name: Harry, Fred, Herbert or whatever!

Staying healthy

Keeping your penis healthy starts with the rest of your body. It’s not all about the penis. Did you know that if you are too far overweight, or obese, you will reduce your testosterone level. This will lessen your drive and ability. On top of this, being overweight will cause you to clog up your arteries and it’ll be much tougher to get hard! So to keep the weight down, you need to eat properly. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are the key. You can’t eat too much fatty food, cut down on the fried food, don’t eat too much sugar either, because that converts into fat too!


Don’t stress

So you’re eating healthy, that’s a start! Now you have to sort out your stress levels. This is why it’s a good idea to get a massage once in a while. You could struggle to get an erection as you get older, if you can’t relax. There’s a science behind it all you know. Adrenaline and cortisol are released when you’re stressed and this will narrow your blood vessels temporarily.

Smoking and drinking

We all know that these things are not advisable, whether you want to continue to have good penis health, or not. Both of them will kill you in the end if you over indulge. What won’t kill you is over indulging your penis!

Rest and exercise

You need to keep yourself exercise regularly because it reduces stress, helps you keep a healthy weight, and increases your energy. However, if you’re going to exercise a lot, you need to counter this with plenty of rest. Rest is restorative and very important to help you rebuild muscle, but also if you don’t rest, you have increased cortisol production and an decrease in metabolism and immune system function. You need to rest! Your penis needs to rest.

Keep it up!

Now, our massage professionals could help you a lot here of course! But the point we’re trying to make is that men who are more sexually active, are less likely to have any trouble with their penis. So, you need to keep going at it whenever you can. That’s not going to be hard for you to do is it?