So, let’s talk about masturbation! You’d expect that our sensual massage girls would know a little about this sort of thing, wouldn’t you? Well, we do get to help you release your inner most stresses and strains at the end of your sensual massage, and we do so in some of the most mind blowing ways; as some of you may already know!

sensual massage

Spice up your alone time!

We’re going to give you a little advice. Not too much advice, because that may put us out of a job of course! What follows are a number of ideas to get the most out of the time you spend… well… “with yourself,” so to speak.

  • It’s not all about the end result! As most of you will already know, if you’ve had a sensual massage before, it’s not all about what happens at the end. It’s as much about what you do and how you do it. Masturbation is incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being, just the pleasure of the process is enough to release powerful endorphins, so don’t rush it. Take your time.
  • Lube up! It’s much more fun when it’s all slippery! You should know what we mean if you’ve had a sensual massage with our girls. If you’re used to doing it without lube, you’ll probably find it a little weird to not have the grip you usually have, but trust us when we tell you that lube will make it all much better. Get your hands on some Durex pleasure gel and make the old chap tingle a little too!
  • Get some toys. Surely, you’re not beyond this? There are a lot of toys on the market now to enhance your alone time. We do have a few “firm” favourites (pardon the pun!) Getting a cock ring will enhance your alone time no end. It helps keep more blood in the old man and make it harder for longer. Fleshlight have a remarkable range of male masturbators that have a very good track record, with apparently life-like feel!
  • Stop and start. This is a very old technique that some very good sensual massage practitioners use too. If you can stop before climax and wait, then when you go back to it, it’s much more intense in the end. The good masseuses can keep you going as long as you’ve booked!

Book a sensual massage

And there’s always that! You can book one of the girls and watch (or more like feel) how they do it! The girls at Chase massage are really among the best in London. Check them out now!