First of all, we’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Secondly, and more to the point, our tantric massage girls would like to make sure you don’t screw up your first date in 2018! Here are a few things you certainly shouldn’t do, regardless of what anyone says.

Don’t be late

There is no such thing as “fashionably late” guys! It’s an old saying, and it’s mostly aimed at women anyway, to keep their man on their toes. All of the tantric massage girls we asked were adamant that being late was a cardinal sin on a first date. Perhaps it’s becoming more common these days, we don’t’ know.

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Be confident

Don’t be bossy, but show her that you mean business. You can demonstrate this with the table service and waiters etc. Know what you want, but don’t be rude, ask pertinent questions and don’t settle for second best in the restaurant or bar you go to. If you’re not happy about something you’re paying for, tell the staff. Remember that women like confident men whom they can let their guard down around, and those they don’t feel they have to take control with.

Don’t be glued to your phone

This is very important. You do not need to know which of your friends’ favourite cat pictures are being liked the most on Facebook! You are with a date, so keep it in your pocket and grab it when it rings, and only if it rings!

Don’t give away too much

You should ask questions, but make them good ones and ones that make her feel like she’s important. When it comes to you, don’t give away too much, you want to keep her guessing and you want a second date we presume?

Don’t get drunk

There’s a difference between a little “Dutch courage” and getting hammered! You can’t possibly focus on your date if you’ve had too much to drink and you’re going to come off like a drunk. You will give her a glimpse of what you’re like when you’re a bit mouthy and your inhibitions are lowered. All very good if you’re a happy drunk, but if you get a little grumpy or cynical, she’s not going to like you. Our tantric massage professionals are never keen on a drunk coming through the door, so your date isn’t likely to be either!

Those are our top tips – make sure you follow them!