You’ve all been there haven’t you? You’ve “liked” a picture that your girlfriend has disapproved of? Or something worse perhaps? Well, here at the best London massage site in the city, we thought it was time we gave you a few tips about to really act with your partner on Facebook and other sites/apps.

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Here’s our top list

  • Watch the “selfies”. It’s not too bad to have one or two every few weeks, but don’t start being that couple that posts a selfie together for practically everything you do. It will bore your friends, and it will eventually bore you to death too!
  • Share the stuff that’s important. You don’t need to share what your partner has had for breakfast, if she’s daft enough to post her porridge on Facebook that is. Share the things that make you proud to be with her. As well as making you feel good, you’ll show her that you’re interested in her accomplishments, and not particularly interested in the banal activities of her day to day stuff.
  • Don’t fall out. Falling out on Facebook, or any other social media, is very embarrassing. You never look good arguing on Facebook anyway, so it’s even worse when you’re in a couple. All those people who wish you would break up will be watching with baited breath! Besides all that, as far as this London massage agency is concerned, aren’t you a little too grown up to be arguing online?
  • Watch the saucy pictures! Posting pictures of yourself with no shirt on and flexing your muscles etc. isn’t cool guys. It’s just flirting, and you shouldn’t be doing this in front of your partner. It doesn’t matter if there are some on there from before you were together, but don’t go trying to get attention from people once you’re in a relationship. You wouldn’t like it if she did the same we’re sure!