We don’t see a problem in writing a short article about having as much fun as you can. Considering we’re a London tantric massage business, it should come as no surprise to many of you. However, it’s also important to understand that we’re not telling you to have an affair, or cheat on anyone. The fact remains that if you are “dating” in the conventional sense (as opposed to, say, “adult” dating), you’re not doing anything wrong. There has never been a rule written that says you can’t date more than one person, it’s just something that people have imposed upon themselves because they can’t handle anyone doing it to them.

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Meeting people

Besides, if you date more than one woman, you have a much greater chance of finding one that you really like, a little faster. We would imagine all London tantric massage businesses would agree with us too, since we “service” so many people who are actually dating. But then, when you think about it, just because you’re dating, no-one said you can’t have fun whilst you’re doing it. There’s a certain amount of frustration derived from dating with no end result to speak of, isn’t there? You know what we mean, a man has needs, and we are acutely aware of this.

Don’t take the piss!

Having said all that, it’s important that you remain respectful. If you’re not the type of guy that sleeps with two women at the same time, then don’t turn yourself into one. Have some self respect. Dating a couple of different women is fine, but sleeping with them both isn’t cool. You’ll need to make a decision. You may well get caught in the moment with one of them. But if this does happen, don’t then decide to go out with the other one the next night and attempt to do the same to her so you can make a decision. Trust your London tantric massage professionals here, we know what we’re talking about! If you have found one or two very special women, it wouldn’t be a good start to a long lasting relationship. If you have a conscience, you would inevitably begin to feel guilty and it would consume you.

To sum up

To sum up, we haven’t actually told you how to do it. Sorry about that. But what we have done is make you aware that you don’t have to feel guilty about dating two women, and this is the first step. If you are dating with the expectation of finding the girl of your dreams, you might even want to come clean about what you’re doing. If she is indeed going to be “the one,” she may well appreciate your honesty. There’s nothing like starting a beautiful relationship by being honest with one another. And it can never hurt to have these women trying that little bit harder to impress you can it?

Of course, if all else fails with the quest for a girlfriend, you can always book a London tantric massage