Have you been lumbered with the task of organising a bachelor party in London? Don’t know what to do? Do you think there will be any room for booking a London tantric massage? Well, let’s have a little look at what else you can do in the big city for a bachelor weekend.

It’s not all about women and booze you know! Well, alright then, we couldn’t write that with a straight face, it really is about women and booze! There’s something for you in London, that’s for sure. Strip clubs, bars, restaurants, and lots of other fun things to do. Let’s have a little look at what’s on offer.

London tantric massage

London tantric massage girls aren’t the only thing to indulge in

  • Hippodrome Casino – Yes there are plenty of casinos in London, but they’re not all as accessible as you’d think. There are some terribly high-end places that would simply turn their nose up at you if you turned up with a group of fellas on a stag night! The Hippodrome Casino isn’t like that, nor is it downmarket! It’s a lovely place, with plenty of booze and women inside too. You might want to take a few London escorts along with you for a good time?
  • Piccadilly Comedy Club – 7 Oxendon Street. Make sure you go here before any of you get too drunk to behave yourself and fully enjoy your time. You don’t want to go with that moron in the group who always heckles either, so choose wisely! It’s a great place, with some wonderful newbie comics coming out all the time.
  • Strippers! Now we’re getting serious! You can’t have a stag night, or weekend without doing something that involves women getting their clothes off. It’s the law! It depends where you are in London. If you’re around Liverpool Street Station, just head up Shoreditch High Street where you’ll find: The Rainbow Sports Bar, Browns and The White Horse, all of which are “Strip pubs”. You can go a little upmarket if you like in Central London, with Platinum Lace, or Spearmint Rhino.

Longer than a night?

Take a day out in London seeing the sights if you’re in the city for longer than one night. You might want to go to The London Dungeons or The Aquarium, or even take a spin on The London Eye. Don’t forget to treat that special man of the hour to a London tantric massage though. No-one needs to know, just send her to his hotel room!