You’ve heard about women going to get a “massage” all the time when they’re stressed etc. right? Well, it works the same the other way. In fact, you may even get away with telling your wife or girlfriend that you’re going to do the same!

Why not? After all, it’s what she does. And here’s a good plan. Why not ask her if she can book you in for a massage at the same place she goes. We know what you’re thinking. You want a tantric massage. You want a naked woman rubbing herself up and down your naked body. That’s the type of massage you want, and you’re not likely to get that at the place your wife goes; unless she’s hiding something from you of course!

tantric massage

Get them used to it

You see, once your wife or girlfriend hears how taken you were with the massage you got at her favourite place, and you even perhaps go the whole hog and get a couples massage etc. you can play a little more fast and loose with the rules. You can be in London at work and call her up on the phone to tell her that you’ve found another place that you’re going to try out. Be smart though, don’t come and see us. Go to another salon type place and have the regular massage. Who knows, you may even get lucky at this place! No, seriously, what you’re doing here is building a trust between you and your wife. A trust that makes her believe that you enjoy the whole massage culture and you go regularly. However, you like to try new places.

Then you book a tantric massage from us

Then you get the best of the best. You get what you really wanted all along. And what’s even better is that you can do it anytime you want, without having to worry about her finding out. Once you have built up a massage “habit,” so to speak, she’s not even going to be concerned where you go for one after work. You could even get one every week and actually tell her you’re getting one! In fact, you can come home stinking of massage oil if you like. Remember gentlemen, what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her!

You don’t have to thank us! Just book us!