When was the last time you had a conversation with your partner? Girlfriend, wife or whoever you have in your life that’s significant? If you stop to think about it, you’d probably answer that you can’t remember. Well, our London City massage girls are here to tell you to engage with her on a deeper level. You’d be amazed at just how much the both of you can gain from making the effort.

Make them feel wanted and valued

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It’s not always about learning things about one another either. It’s often more a case of making your significant “other” feel valued. If you choose to spend your time chatting to them about something a little more important than the football scores, or the latest concept car from Tesla, they’re going to really appreciate it. We’re not talking about showing an interest in what she’s been doing either necessarily. Something that’s current or pressing for the two of you, or even something in the news that you’d like to hear her opinion about. You could press the more meaningful discussions about your relationship if you like, in a positive way. Women love to hear a man making plans for the future you know! You could show your partner a different side to you and end up taking your relationship to another level. It’s certainly worth a try, and it’s not just something to make her feel better either; you are going to benefit too!


Make yourself happy

You’ll be amazed at just how much better you’ll feel after having a deep and meaningful discussion with your partner. It’s that old “human interaction” thing that does it. If you can reach out and actually engage with someone, anyone, on a deeper level, you will feel more connected with them; and thus, happier. This is one of the main reasons some of you guys book our London City massage girls in the first place isn’t it? It’s not always about getting rubbed down by a naked woman, it actually helps if she’s funny and can actually talk to you, right? We’re not telling you to forego your tantric massage or anything, in favour of a “chat,” that would be ridiculous. But the combination of massage and being able to communicate and have a laugh with your masseuse is priceless!