It’s not just women who panic when the summer arrives and they’re not “beach ready,” you guys do to. Our London tantric massage babes are here to save the day. Not that any of them need to blitz their bits, so to speak, they’re all in fabulous shape; but they do know all the tricks. Must be the magazines they read LOL!

Sort out your diet

It’s not too late to sort it out gents. You just need to start being sensible. Firstly you need to understand that there isn’t a diet out there that allows you to eat what you want, it’s hard work. The moment it starts to feel like hard work, you’ll know that you’re on the right track. No easy fixes! Fruit, veg, grains and greens, lean meat etc. Cut out the overly fatty stuff, and cut out the carbs etc. cakes, cookies and candy are a no!

Take your time when you’re eating. If you take a longer time to eat then you will allow your brain to register that you’re full. If you keep eating quickly because it feels good to eat, you will consume more than you actually need and cause a problem; the problem being that you are taking in more calories than you need, and you’ll feel bloated when you finally do stop.

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Be smart when you eat out

Skip dessert, you don’t’ need it! When you get on a sugar high, you just want more sugar; and this can be days after also. When you read menus, check for things that are not fried, skip the salad dressings and cheese toppings etc.


Drink it! Simple really we know, but surprisingly not many people do drink enough. Drinking more water will increase your metabolism, thus help you to burn fat. On top of this, it’ll make you feel much fuller before you eat a meal. Also, when you drink more water, your body gets used to getting rid of the water, so you don’t end up with all those flabby deposits. Our London tantric massage babes are huge advocates of water drinking!


Our London tantric massage girls are big fans of HIIT workouts and other classes etc. at the gym. The best thing about a HIIT workout however is that you can do them anywhere within reason. You can do them for as long as half an hour, or as little as fifteen minutes. You workout for 30 seconds and you rest for 30 seconds. It’s a very good way to get your heart rate going and workout all your muscle groups at the same time. You can be burning calories long after you’ve finished one of these little sessions.