London erotic massageWe’re all about offering a good service here at Chase, we always have been. And it’s for this reason that we’d like to raise awareness about all the less than reputable services on offer in London today. You don’t have to go far to get a London erotic massage really do you? If you Google it you’ll get loads of hits, and if you simply walk around Central London, you’ll see Asian parlours dotted here, there and everywhere. But can you trust them? This is the question. And why should you trust us? Because obviously that’s why we’re writing this article!

The trouble with Asian parlours

Let’s talk about the Asian providers first shall we? They vast majority are not actually professional tantric masseuses, but in all honesty, they can of course call themselves London erotic massage providers. But this is simply because they will give you the “happy ending” some of you look for. If all you want is a massage and a hand job, then please be our guest and go to one of these places, because that’s all you’re likely to get. Enough for you? It really needn’t be.

And besides, once you’re in there with no clothes on, many of these masseuses will then hit you up for “extra” costs to give you what you really want. And in our opinion (as professional masseuses) this is not the way a genuine London erotic massage should be given. A real trustworthy London erotic massage should be a pay up front type of deal, not when you’ve got your pants down!

Other “erotic massage” providers

Just another thing about the Asian providers actually, that pertains to what we’re writing in this section too. So many “other” providers (including the Asians) are simply not professionals. Many are just here on their holidays from overseas, or on a break from university etc. They have no special training and are actually dangerous if you let them loose on your body thinking they know what they’re doing. This is particularly true when a girl attempts to perform a “genuine” Thai massage. You know what we’re talking about here? This is where they apply their weight to your body etc. and manipulate your arms and legs to ease tension. Well, we know a few men who have left those sessions worse than when they arrived!

Our London tantric massage

At Chase Massage, you can trust us because we’re all qualified masseuses. This training is in a variety of different areas. Some of the girls are excellent Chinese massage specialists, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy specialists etc. and much more. Suffice it to say that when we tell you they have had training, we mean it. Then they have brought this training to the world of sensual massage, where they have developed their very own individual styles.