You know we’re always trying to get you to come for a sexy massage here at Chase, but we also want you to do it safely and with as little fuss as possible. Basically, we want to help you get a little sneaky this summer, and get what you want without getting caught out. You’ll find our blog full of useful information like this, as well as these good old fashioned promotion posts to get you calling our number the next time the mood takes you.

sexy massage

The trains

We all know that trains can be a pain, and in London they’ve been used as an excuse for countless erotic massage and escort bookings, as well as affairs of course. Good old unreliable British trains companies. Even Richard Branson couldn’t sort them out!

The hot weather can be just as disruptive as winter weather in many respects, you’ve just got to plan it correctly. What does the hot weather cause? Well, there could be countless train malfunctions we’re sure (even though we’re not train engineers), so there’s one for you. But what about people? People have an incredibly bad time with trains in the summer. Heat doesn’t agree with the British traveller and they often become either upset or unwell; both of which will inevitably cause a disruption at some point or other.

And let’s not forget about the good old fashioned “crapness” of British public transportation of course. Late, not working, cancelled, you name it and your wife or girlfriend has more than likely heard it before; either genuine or otherwise.

Good reasons for a sexy massage

Whether you’ve invented a fight scene, someone being ill on the train, or just plain old broken down public transport, there are tons of reasons to stick around for a sexy message. Hell, you could even have your other half feeling sorry for you!