It’s one of those questions that crops up from time to time, and we really have to tell you about it. Some people would like a little momento of their London tantric massage, but this is not something we offer we’re afraid. We are quite sure that your memory of the occasion will be sufficient, and it’s certainly not going to be something you forget easily.

to be photographed with so you can look back fondly on your memory with one of our London tantric massage girls. You’re not going to get an autograph, or anything else for that matter. The girls we represent at Chase are all incredibly talented at what they do, and they love it to bits (otherwise they wouldn’t do it!) But they are private people, and most of them would rather that pictures or videos of themselves do not get distributed; even to their most regular, valuable clients.

We hope you respect this

The girls we represent have families and friends and others who they would much rather never found out what they did for work whilst they’re in London. For many of our tantric massage girls this is a part time career, and one they do predominantly for fun more than anything else. This is arguably why they’re so very good at what they do!

It’s actually illegal!

And did you know that if you do try to take pictures or film us in any way at all it’s illegal? It’s a type of non-consent complaint that is tantamount to rape would you believe? If we’re not aware that you are filming us when we are naked and massaging you, you are committing a very serious offence. On top of the fact that it’s just plain wrong isn’t it?