A very special friend of course, we won’t deny that. It’s not every friend that would get naked, cover themselves in massage oil and slide all over your we’re aware! Bit that’s not the point we’re trying to make here today. Today we would very much like to talk about the “special” relationship you could have with the girls from Chase.

It’s important to mention here however that our tantric massage girls, as lovely as they are, are really not interested in any relationship outside of work. “The what is this special relationship?” you may well ask. Well, it’s very similar to one you might have with your local pub landlord or lady, in many respects. It’s a familiarity that’s rarely found at any other massage agency or parlour in London. And it’s something that we have become very proud of.

Hard earned trust and loyalty

It’s not something that has been planned or contrived in any way, and that’s the best thing about it. It just sort of happened over time due to our consistently happy customers. The clients that have booked our girls have very definite desires and needs, and once they found somewhere they can have them realised, they continue to book time and time again. Most of them have fount this true of all the tantric massage girls at the agency. Some haven’t managed to get past the tantric massage girl they booked however! That just goes to show how good they are! If a client truly believes that it’s not going to get any better than the girl who has just given him a sensual massage then this is a marvellous thing indeed. And if they are happy, we don’t try to change their minds!

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Why they’re so good

So the question has to be “what makes them so very special?” It’s all down to selection as far as the agency is concerned. We have always, and will always insist on meeting with any masseuse who wishes to work with us. When you’ve earned such critical acclaim, it’s only right to make sure you can hang onto it. It only takes one regular client to book a masseuse who doesn’t put 100% effort into the way she works and into her attitude, they you lose that client. It’s as simple as that really. We’re very careful.

When we meet them

So, when we meet with our potential masseuses we like to have a coffee and a chat. It allows us to get to know them a little. To see if they’re funny, or if they have any endearing or quirky habits that our clients would love. We like unique girls. When we make a recommendation to a regular client it’s usually based on the girl’s personality above most other things. Again, this is because our clients have come to expect a certain type of tantric massage service, and friendliness and personality is incredibly important.

British and English speaking tantric massage girls

There’s another very important thing to consider. Because the vast majority of our clients are Englishmen, living and/or working in the London City area, it makes sense for us to list only girls who speak English fluently. This is easy for us because virtually all our girls actually are British! In fact we have the most British tantric massage girls out of any massage agency in London. Isn’t it easier to relate to an English girl when you want to develop that “friendly” relationship?