Hi guys,

Just a quick blog post to ensure that you read your message clearly when you get it from our receptionist. When you book with us you will always get a SMS telling you that your massage booking has been confirmed, where you need to go and at what time. But you would be surprised to find out just how many people can get this wrong. It amazes us sometimes, it really does.

massage booking

Your massage booking

You must understand that we get lots of bookings each day, so we’re not the ones who are getting the message wrong. We send the same confirmation text to our clients all the time, we just change a few details depending on where you’re going or what time you’re going there. We get guys turning up early, late, to the wrong place etc. You really wouldn’t believe it!

First of all we need to tell you that if you turn up late for your massage booking, you cannot expect our girls to see you for the full amount of time you have booked. They may well have another booking after you, and even if they don’t, they could be getting one scheduled during your session. It’s unfair to expect them to miss out on another booking because you’ve turned up late.

Turning up early can be just as bad in many respects. If you turn up early, you may well be interrupting your masseuse. Not necessarily with another client (although that would be very embarrassing to bump into the guy before you on the way out!) She may be showering, eating her lunch or dinner, or just dealing with any number of things.

What you can do to ensure your timing

The best thing to do if you are booking a massage whilst you’re in town, is to make sure you book it when you’re in the area. If you’re across the city in west London, you may have a problem turning up on time if the traffic is bad, or it’s rush hour etc. You need to be careful when you book. It’s better, if you’re across town, to book a later appointment and then sit in the pub or cafe and wait for your time, than to be late.

If you’re at work in London City, as we know many of you are, you may want to book earlier in the day for an after work massage booking. This is obviously because the girls get really busy at that time and their time slots get filled up very quickly.