We do like you! We like you a lot, but probably not in the same way that you like us. Well, perhaps, but probably not with the same goals. The girls get excited when they see a hot guy come through the door, just like any other girl, but they choose not to act on it. Our London massage babes get asked out all the time, believe us! We’re not overly sure whether some of them do or not, but we’re pretty sure they don’t make a habit out of it. We’re not naive enough to think people don’t meet each other at work, and this is pretty much the same as that isn’t it?keep

So you see, we don’t pretend that the girls aren’t going to be asked out. What we’re telling you is that they almost certainly won’t be looking for any kind of relationship. They’ve all been down that road before and it simply never works. The vast majority of men simply can’t handle the depth of a relationship of this type. And to be perfectly honest, the girls aren’t terribly bothered about having a partner anyway, their careers as London massage professionals is often enough to keep them in a good supply of men, and enough physical contact with them to keep any woman happy; greedy women especially!

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What we don’t want!

So basically, what we don’t want is an entourage of would be suitors chasing after us every time five minutes. We don’t want asking out every time you come to see us. Especially if we’ve already told you once. We don’t want to pass messages to your favourite London massage girl either. A simple message to ask us to pass on your appreciation for the service is fine, but we are not a dating service! Oh, and if one of our lovely masseuses has already told you that she doesn’t want to give you her number, don’t ask again please. Believe us when we tell you that if they wanted to, they would. These are incredibly confident young women, who know very well what they like!