It’s all about perspective gentlemen. Take it from our Liverpool Street massage girls when they tell you that men in their 40’s are very desirable indeed. However, it’s not always about “pulling” the younger women, and then trying with all your might to hang onto them when they realise your music tastes are too different to theirs! You can have just as much fun at 40 and beyond, with women of your own age, younger, or older.

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More to choose from

Think about it this way. When you were in your 20s you didn’t do much dating younger than yourself did you? Maybe a few teenagers, but nothing that would be worth writing home about we’re betting. And an older woman to you would probably have been in her 30s. Well, now that you’re in your 40s, it’s all opened up for you. Now the girls in their 20s are all after landing you, so you can take your pick. The women of your own age are searching for something special, and they’re willing to try much harder than they did in their 20s, mainly through fear of never finding it. And then there are the proper older women you have to choose from. These women are very experienced indeed and they’ll do just about anything to keep you happy!

You’re not looking for children

When you’re in your 40s and older, you’re not looking for that one person to settle down with and have children. You’ve probably done all that already, and if you haven’t, you probably don’t want to do it! Our Liverpool Street massage girls hear this all the time. They tell us that men complain about young women wanting them, but wanting children too, and then they complain about older women already having children. What we say to this is, it’s just dating guys! Don’t get so hung up on the details and the future.

When you’re in your 40s you’re not looking for commitment. If you find it and you want it, then that’s all good news for you. And you most certainly will know when something real hits you because you’re much less easily impressed as you get older. You can quite happily date a girl or a woman for a while and then simply stop if it goes somewhere you don’t want it to. The great thing about this is that when this is an older woman, she’s quite happy to accept that too; they just don’t want to waste time and they’d much rather learn earlier rather than later that it’s not going to work out!

Have some fun

That’s the most important thing to remember. You’ve probably got more money these days, you’ve probably got more time? So go dating a little. Learn how to do it all again. And also, whilst we’re talking about time and money, book yourself in with our Liverpool Street massage girls, they’d love to see you!