You know Halloween is coming right? It’s not all about horror movies: Texas chainsaw massacre, Michael Myers in Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street etc. or any of those things. In our opinion it’s about spending time with your friends and having a lot of fun. But you would be surprised just how many people don’t celebrate Halloween. We’d like to change that today if we can. We’re going to let you know about a few exciting events happing in London. So the next time you’re in town for a massage, you can perhaps spend a little time having fun. You may just have to escape the company of your friends for an hour to come and see one our lovely ladies!


What’s on?

Horroctober at The Prince Charles Cinema it’s going to be really spooky this Halloween.  They are currently having an entire month of horror at this lovely cinema, and some of our massage angels have already been to check out the movies. We’re talking about pictures like: The Exorcist, The Shining, The Evil Dead etc. Real classics in our opinion. The Prince Charles Cinema is in Leicester Square and it’s very easy to find.

If you’re feeling fit, head over to Bermondsey –  Courage Yard, Shad Thames – with your friends on Halloween. They’re offering you the chance to get on a bike and use your steam to power the movie. And the movie is 28 Days Later. You know the one? It’s where the world goes crazy due to a rage virus; and it’s really good!

Take a ghost walk or tour with your friends or family. They’re leaving all the time from ton Court Palace. You can find more information about them on the website if you like. We’ve been on one or two of these in the past and they’re always a lot of fun. If you’re planning to take younger children with you too, don’t worry, they’re all pretty family friendly.

Don’t forget your massage

We’re always quite busy at night, to be honest, but if you book in plenty of time, we’re sure that we can get you in with one of the girls. Having a massage at the end of your night (or even the beginning) is a really wonderful thing to experience.