We know you guys better than you know yourself in some cases! We know that when you come to London on business or whatever, you’re really planning to get yourself a London massage. Or actually, as it so often turns out, you’re planning on getting in as many as you can whilst you’re in town! We can’t blame you of course. We have some lovely masseuses, and they’re all very good at their job. Why wouldn’t you want to see as many of them as possible during your stay? Makes perfect sense to us, both practically and more importantly on a business level!

London massage


But if you’re planning on getting two or more massages in during a short visit, your budget may well be strained. The important part of your trip is the London massage of course, we won’t deny that, but you all need somewhere to stay if you’re coming from out of town. You may well have had to pay for train travel, fuel, or even flights. So let’s see if we can’t help you out a little.


Here’s a website that we like to recommend as often as we can. You’ll may think that Travelodge, or Premier Inn are the be all and end all of budget accommodation in the UK. Well, they may well be elsewhere in the UK, but they’re not in London. In London it’s expensive, just like everything else! On Hotels.com you can search for hotels in the area you want to stay, and you can sort them by price, facilities etc. and more. If you want a place with Wi-Fi, or you want a free breakfast, you can search for that too. Our London massage girls swear by this website when they’re travelling all over the world, not just in the UK.

Bonus points!

Doesn’t everywhere have bonus points? Well, we don’t have bonus points of course, but then the London massage business isn’t about that! With Hotels.com you have the opportunity to gain reward “nights” rather than points. Every time you book a night in a hotel, you are rewarded with one night on your card. We forget how many nights you need to collect to get a reward night, but you’d be surprised that it’s not many at all. It all depends on the cost of the room you book of course. You can’t claim a room at the Dorchester if you’ve only been staying in cheap hotels!

So keep your overheads down with Hotels.com and save the rest of your money for London massage fun!