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Tantric Massage City of London

Getting your tantric massage City of London style, really is the way to get it. Most of the best massage professionals in the business seem to reside around this area. But there are very good reasons for this. It’s mostly because there is such a large demand for sensual massage services. London City is such a rapidly expanding area, and it’s full of stressed out “City boys” all in need of some form of alleviation.

What better way to alleviate the stresses and strains of your career than to spend an hour or so in the capable hands of one of our London City tantric masseuses? Each one of the girls offers a unique blend of therapeutic, tantric and sensual massage, that has been practiced and developed over time in order to offer what we can easily boast as the best in London!

Our tantric massage City of London masseuses

We have a really neat little team of professionals offering their amazing skills in this area. These masseuses are located all over London City and they’re all easy to find, once you’ve made a booking. They all have discreet, private residences with plenty of space and a carefully contrived ambience that provides the perfect venue for whatever tantric massage service you choose. Much better than one of those awful massage “parlours,” you see dotted around here and there.

The girls are all incredibly friendly, highly intelligent and excellent conversationalists. Not that you’ll be doing much conversing of course, not during your massage. You will more than likely just want to lay there and appreciate their amazing tantric massage skills. But initially, when you meet, it’s always nice to be able to freely communicate with a nice, confident, Fluently English masseuse. In fact practically all our tantric massage City of London masseuses are British!

Why do they choose to operate in London City?

They choose to operate here because, as we mentioned earlier, there’s a huge demand for their skills. As an extension of this, they also work in this area because they know that their well-practiced talents will be most appreciated here. We’re talking about discerning masseuses who would much rather offer their services where they’ll be most appreciated, to those hard-working office workers, bankers, brokers, “movers and shakers,” that frequent this place.

They offer a very refreshing alternative (and some would say healthier) to spending the evening after work in one of the incredibly busy boozers around City of London, like: Dirty Dicks by Liverpool Street Station, The Railway Tavern, Williams Ale and Cider House, or of course the massive Hamilton Hall. If you are familiar with any of those places after work, then you’re closer than you think to relaxing in a much more satisfying way!

Places of interest in City of London

With all the “City boys” around after work and during their lunch hours, this makes the bar and restaurant scene really buzz with excitement. You may well be here looking for the best tantric massage City of London has on offer for you, but we’re going to give you a few pointers about where to eat and hang out. Perhaps you have some time before or after your appointment?

  • Hamilton Hall – This is actually a Wetherspoons pub believe it or not. We’re not entirely sure how long it has been owned by this company, but we can assure you that it’s nothing like some of the Wetherspoons that are known to be quite poor in quality. We are in London after all, so even the Wetherspoons pubs are pretty classy. We like Hamilton Hall, mainly because it’s filled with many of our clients much of the time, but it also has a really nice atmosphere, and you can also check the train times on screens mounted on the wall whilst you have a pint!
  • Dirty Dick’s – Another pub located literally next to Liverpool Street Station (well, this one is across the road actually. It’s right next door to a basement cocktail bar too, but we have yet to go down there. There is usually plenty of life for us in Dirty Dick’s. Again, a popular place for those who work in the City and commuters, but also travellers from all over the UK who come into Liverpool Street. Good beer, standard but tasty pub grub.

Booking your tantric massage City of London

Chase Massage have you covered wherever you are in London City. You’re never too far away from one of the girls you see on this page, and we will do our very best to book you in with one of them. It’s often best to book in advance whenever you can. As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of demand for these massage services in City of London, and most of our bookings will be in the early evening. Call as soon as you can, and if you have any questions, please do feel free to ask.

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