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Tantric Massage Liverpool Street

For the very best tantric massage Liverpool Street appointments, you need to book from the most well-respected massage agency in this city. Over the years Chase Massage have accomplished this easily. This is in no small part due to the tantric massage professionals we are so privileged to represent in London. All the masseuses you see on this page are all resident around Liverpool Street, or very close by.

Liverpool Street is an incredibly busy part of the city (in case you weren’t already aware), and this means quite a large amount of people offering services such as ours. In order to stand out as the best tantric massage Liverpool Street can offer, you have to be able to “put your money where your mouth is” and prove it!

Our tantric massage Liverpool Street masseuses

And this is where our Liverpool Street masseuses come into play. These professionals have been in the business for a long time. They know precisely what buttons to press and when to press them! Most of the girls are British, and those that aren’t all speak fluent English. They’re friendly, enthusiastic and highly talented.

Operating around one of the busiest main train stations in London has enabled the girls to get a lot of practice, as we’re sure you can appreciate! Not only do they cater to all those of you who work in the offices around Liverpool Street and London City, they’re introduced to a number of tourists and travellers on a daily basis. Anyone who is in desperate need of professional relaxation basically.

Places of interest in Liverpool Street

If you’re going to be popping along to indulge in a tantric massage Liverpool Street booking, you may have some time on your hands before or after your experience. Here are a few places we recommend spending some time if you have some to kill. You may very well need a drink after one of our sensual massages!

  • Simmons Bar on Widegate Street is the place to go if you’re in the area and you like stylish and fun cocktail bars. Nice lighting, lovely drinks, and excellent company. The girls they get in here are very impressive too we might add!
  • The Salt Point Bar is close enough to the station to have a drink before you head off home. It has great service, and the food here is actually really good too. We recommend the steaks every time if you’re a meat eater. They have a great wine list too, and they even have wine tasting events from time to time.
  • The Railway Tavern is literally just outside the Liverpool Street Station, so it’s perfect if you want to have a drink on your arrival in London, and perhaps a spot of lunch. They offer the standard type of pub food, but it’s tasty and it’s prepared quickly. A great place to go before your tantric massage Liverpool Street appointment.

Staying near Liverpool Street?

If you are coming to London and perhaps staying close to Liverpool Street, we offer a very professional and discreet outcall massage service too. So, if you don’t fancy walking to one of our nearby incall locations, you can simply stay in, get comfortable and call for one of the Chase girls to visit you!

Our tantric massage Liverpool Street service is available to you in this way, but it would drastically depend on whereabouts you are staying in the city. These masseuses are incredibly busy, and they’re not likely to be available to shoot off to the West End, or anywhere in Greater London at the drop of hat, not when they have so many bookings around London City. If you want more information about our outcall service, just call us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  • The Andaz – A lovely hotel, right next to the station. The rooms are great, the service is arguably the best in this area at this price. The restaurants and bars are pretty good too. We like to take breakfast at the bar that looks out onto the busy Bishopsgate.
  • The Bull and The Hide – It may just be a pub, but it’s a really nice one, and it has some lovely rooms. The price of the rooms reflect just how good it is, and the location is perfect of travellers and those who want to stay in this area for work.
  • South Place Hotel – Close to St Paul’s Cathedral, and not far from Moorgate tube station either (in fact it’s as close to there as it is to Liverpool Street). Beautiful artwork, great rooms and décor, and an excellent service.

Booking your Tantric Massage Liverpool Street

It’s very easy to book. We have a very friendly team here at Chase and we’re always happy to chat with you and answer any questions within reason. We should get one thing straight from the start though, to save some of you a lot of time. We do not offer sexual services, we offer a professional sensual massage service from incredibly talented and experienced masseuses.

You are literally moments away from one of the best experiences of your life!



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